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How you can Unblock a Clogged Kitchen Sink

When your kitchen sink is clogged, you can remove the debris easily when you know the right way. The process is easier than you do not have to seek the services of a plumber. Unclogging your kitchen is easier when you follow simple techniques and tools. The following are tips to unclogging your kitchen sink.

Before you can start unclogging your sink, you need to understand the common causes of clogged drains. Cooking grease is known to be one of the causes of clogged kitchen drains. When using your kitchen sink, you should not let grease enter the drains. The best way of disposing your kitchen grease is to throw them in your garbage. In addition to cooking grease, food products should also not be allowed into your kitchen sink.

By using a plumber, you can remove debris in your kitchen sink. It can be a mistake using a toilet plunger when unclogging your kitchen sink. When you want to remove debris from your kitchen sink, you need to place the plunger until it completely covers the drain. While the plunger is in that position, you need to pull it up and down in a quick and forceful motion.

In addition to using a kitchen plunger, you may want to use a clothe hanger to unclog your kitchen sink. When the wire hanger is in the sink, it needs to be used to separate the clogged material and push it down through the pipe.

Hot water is also vital in clearing a clogged kitchen sink. You can add soap in the hot water. Hot water is effective when removing grease clog. Though boiling water is critical in removing clogs; it cannot be used in PVC pipes. All you need to do is to boil water in a pot or kettle and carefully pour it directly down the drain, avoiding contact with the sink porcelain. For homeowners in search of an effective method of unclogging their drains, and removing the debris, should consider using boiling water.

Not everyone will get the time to clear the clogs from their kitchen sink, such people need to consider hiring professionals. In this section, we will take you through the tips to hiring a professional plumber to remove clogs from your kitchen sink.

When you want to hire plumber, it is best to start by searching for those who offer services in their local areas. Before you can choose a plumbing contractor, you need to check their license documents. Before you trust your kitchen sink to a contractor, it is a good idea to make sure they are licensed. It is a good idea to always seek plumber that has a good reputation for offering best services.

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