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How To Increase The Golf Swing Speed.

Golf is one of the most popular games played around the world due to being fun, exciting and entertaining and requires players to have proper skills. The ability to hit the golf ball at higher speed can lead to getting the ball further down the fairway and players can undertake exercises to increase golf swing speed. Golf swing speed refers to getting the clubhead moving at a faster speed when making an impact on the golf ball. Greater golf swing speed depends upon the player’s technique rather than their physical strength and physique. One way to improve on golf swing speed is by ensuring to have a good set up meaning maintaining the appropriate posture.

Set up affects the loft and angle presumed by the player and it demands for the chest to be kept behind the golf ball. Hips should be placed a little forward while the spin leaning away from the golf ball to create enough space and time for building up speed before impact. The player should also angle up their shoulders to allow for efficient energy transfer throughout the body and spine. Angled spine allows the player to hit the ball the middle, keep the impact face loft and maintain the suitable attack angles. Players can also support their backswing by placing the back leg angled sharply to prevent swaying when hitting the ball. Supporting the backswing adds rotation to the ball which leads to increased speed and distance.
Hip movements should be taken into account for uniform distribution of weight and allowing for easier movement.

Players should ensure that there is enough space or gap between their body parts such as between thighs and hands. Just like other sporting activities, golf players can prepare their bodies by warming up through flipping the clubs and swinging them around. While techniques play a vital role, it is also necessary for players to train their muscles to perform intended tasks as expected. Training muscles can be done in several ways to increase the bouncing capability and as a result the distance covered.

Hurling a ball is one tactic of deploying muscles and players should do this while imitating the action of hitting an imaginary golf ball and trying to hit as fast as possible. The exercise should be done while ensuring to remain postured at the appropriate positions to make it easy to redo these steps using the actual clubs. Timing also affects the golf swing speed and requires players to pay attention and hit the ball exactly at the most suitable moment for positive results. A towel with a knot can be used when training for timing improvement to create the lagging effect similar to when swinging a club.

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