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Reasons Why Many Homeowners Prefer Hardwood Floors to Other Types of Floors

Hardwood floors not only beautify the home bust also increase its value. Here are the reasons why hardwood floors are popular in homes.

There are different species of hardwood trees. Some of the most used hardwood trees are cherry, oak, walnut, maple, hickory, teak, Douglas fir, birch, pine, beech, alder, and mahogany. The hardness and durability of the wood floor depend on the strength and toughness of hardwood species. The wooden floors, however, last long. The wood is treated after harvesting to prevent the infestation of termites. A protective, smooth layer that is non-porous is added onto the wood to protect it from getting into contact with water, moisture, and other liquids.

Hardwood floor is eco-friendly It protects the environment from waste. Debris of tiles and concrete floor do not decompose when the renovation is done. If there will be a need to renovate the floor, the wood can be used to make manure for your garden. You can also reuse the wooden remains if they are in good condition.

Different designs of the hardwood floors are created to meet the taste of different people. There are species of the hardwood trees that produce wood that has unique tones. You can choose between the unfinished and finished designs of hardwood floors. Varnishing, staining, and tanning alters the tones of the wood into dark and lighter shades. If you like paint, you can decorate the wooden floor with paint.

Maintenance costs of hardwood floors are minimal. Your wooden floor should not be cleaned daily; hence it saves you the cleaning time and the cost of detergents. Cleaning dirt ad tough stains from the hardwood floor is easy.

The experts will take a few days to finish installing or renovating hardwood floors. You can have the home installed with random, straight, diagonal, parquet or herringbone patterns of hardwood floors. You can move in immediately the floor is done unlike tiles and cement floors that require you to wait for a few more days for the cement to dry pr the tiles to stick before you are allowed to move in.

Hardwood floors are good insulators hence they keep the house warm during winter. Your family is at risk of contracting pneumonia because tiles and concrete floors re cold in winter hence you have to use more electricity to run the floor heaters.

You can lay carpets on the hardwood floor because it is not slippery. The hardwood floor minimizes the risk of accidental falls that are caused by slipping on the floor.

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